St Paul's Collegiate







Livingstone have worked with St Paul’s Collegiate School for the last 15 years’ creating a modern and effective learning environment for their students.

Throughout our relationship we have completed an array of projects:
– At Sargood and Williams boarding house Livingstone completed restoration works, a seismic upgrade and an extension to the existing building,
– Livingstone demolished the dining hall and upgraded the facility,
– The administration block and pavilion were demolished and renovated,
– The school gymnasium was moved to a new site for repurposing and Livingstone built a new gym and sports centre in its place,
– The Centre Excellence was a new build project based on the outskirts of the school
– And in December 2017 we completed St Paul’s state of the art, and acoustically sound music room.

Livingstone are currently working with the school to complete renovation works and an extension to Clarke Boarding House, which is set for completion in July 2018. The Church Chapel is also undergoing a transformation and will be a work in progress until December 2018.