Mike Livingstone


Director - Livingstone NZ Ltd

Mike Livingstone

Mike Livingstone has served as a director for Livingstone Building NZ for over 35 years.

Mike began his career in the construction industry as labourer with Cavanagh Bros in 1979, moving into an apprenticeship later on that year. In 1982 the Livingstone bros entered into a partnership with Cavanagh Bro, and eventually taking full ownership of the business in 1986.

Through a focus on reputation, relationships and leadership, Mike and David turned the company into the Livingstone family business you see today, developing their nationwide presence.

With over 37 years in the construction industry, Mike has developed a strong and effective leadership style through directing two multi-million dollar enterprises; Livingstone Group and Bluehaven Group, he is also a board member of Hospice Waikato and Waipa Community Facilities Trust.