Hear what our customers are saying about us:

I have worked closely with Livingstone almost on a daily basis and have been constantly impressed by their site organisation and the “let’s get it done properly” culture not only by the excellent management team but also by the staff on site.Graeme C Lomax -
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
We value Livingstone's open and honest approach to costs, they problem solve transparently and air issues early.Marc Scott
- St Peter's Cambridge
Livingstone's delivery of construction solutions in difficult projects (i.e. expanding/constructing Boarding Houses while students are still being accommodated in them) is admirable and shows their ability to 'think outside the square' when it comes to achieving win/win outcomes with their clients. G W Lander
- St Paul's Collegiate
Livingstone Building is a company that takes pride in the finished product and in the strong relationship it develops with its client. They stand by their product and provide a very professional approach to all their dealings. They are a company who are experts in their field and deserve their reputation as being one of the leading construction companies in the North Island.G W Lander
- St Paul's Collegiate
Livingstone are flexible in the type of commercial arrangements they will work under and input early in design, planning and consultation with staff has brought reality to the table early, allowing construction methodology to be debated early and on-going. We feel this has helped us achieve value for spend in our projects. Marc Scott
- St Peters Cambridge