Career Development & Leadership Pathways

We believe that if you develop your people, they will develop the company.
A career at Livingstone comes with an opportunity to grow and develop if you are up for the challenge. We are passionate about providing our team with the tools and resources to advance in their career and reach their full potential.

Apprenticeship Programme

As a key employer of apprentices and cadets in our regions, we recognise the importance of growing the capability of the construction workforce and supporting rangatahi to develop skills for a long-term career in construction. Our dedicated Career Development Manager works alongside our Apprentices, in conjunction with BCITO, to develop comprehensive career plans to support them through their apprenticeships.


Alongside our Apprenticeship Programme, we provide Cadetship opportunities for Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, and Site Managers. This programme provides practical work experience and allows individuals to learn from skilled and experienced members of our team.

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We work with Schools and Iwi across our regions to encourage and expose students to a wide range of career pathways within the construction industry and provide them with a pathway to gain practical skills and knowledge as they progress from school to the workplace.

Our two Gateway Options allow students to explore different areas of construction:

  1. Construction Management (8-week placement)

    Students experience a range of roles across the industry from Health and Safety, Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Operations.

  2. Apprentice Pathway (8–20-week placement)

    Students gain practical experience working on a construction site and experience roles that would be typical of a first-year apprentice.

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Career Development Roadmap

We encourage and support the advancement of our people to reach their full potential. It is important to us that our team can visualise an achievable pathway to progress in their career, and we provide the leadership and training opportunities to get them there. Our Career Development Manager works with individuals to identify and develop personalised pipelines.

Construction Path
Apprentice Carpenter

The first step in your career in carpentry.

  • Eagerness to learn and positive attitude: Willingness to absorb new techniques and methods from experienced carpenters.
  • Attention to detail: Precision is crucial in carpentry work, from measuring to cutting.
  • Physical stamina: Carpentry involves manual labor, requiring endurance for long hours on your feet.
Construction Path

Take the next step, work on the tools while developing the onsite capabilities of the team and supporting the Site Manager.

  • Leadership skills: Ability to supervise and motivate teams, delegating tasks effectively.
  • Problem-solving: Quick thinking to address issues on-site and keep projects on track.
  • Technical expertise: Understanding of construction processes and equipment to guide workers effectively.
Construction Path
Site Manager

Step into management. Take responsibility of managing the day-to-day activities on site.

  • Organisation: Coordination of resources, schedules, and personnel to meet project milestones.
  • Decision-making: Ability to make informed decisions under pressure to resolve issues promptly.
  • Budget management: Monitoring expenses and optimising resources to keep projects within budget.
Construction Path
Project Manager

Manage projects from beginning to end.

  • Strategic planning: Developing comprehensive project plans to achieve objectives efficiently.
  • Risk management: Identifying potential risks and implementing mitigation strategies to minimise disruptions.
  • Stakeholder management: Building strong relationships with clients, contractors, and suppliers to ensure project success.
Construction Path
Project Director

Take ownership at a strategic level.

  • Leadership: Setting long-term project goals and inspiring teams to work towards achieving them.
  • Decision-making at a strategic level: Making high-level decisions that impact project direction and outcomes.
  • Oversight and accountability: Ensuring that projects are executed according to standards, within budget, and on schedule.
QS Path
QS Cadet

Gain real-world experience while studying towards your qualification.

  • Proficiency: In mathematical and statistical analysis for accurately assessing costs, quantities and measurements.
  • Ability: To critically analyse data, drawings, and specifications.
  • Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for effectively liaising with clients, contractors, and project teams.
QS Path
Quantity Surveyor

Manage the financial aspects of projects.

  • Analytical skills: Ability to analyse project specifications and costs accurately to provide detailed estimates.
  • Negotiation abilities: Negotiating with suppliers and contractors to secure the best prices and contracts for the project.
  • Financial acumen: Understanding of budgeting and cost management to optimise project expenditure.
QS Path
QS Team Lead

Lead and mentor a team of Quantity Surveyors.

  • Leadership: Guiding and motivating a team of Quantity Surveyors to meet project goals and deadlines.
  • Coordination: Overseeing the distribution of workload and ensuring efficient collaboration within the team.
  • Mentorship: Providing guidance and support to Junior QS's to develop their skills and knowledge.
Health & Safety Path
Health & Safety Coordinator

Delve into the world of health and safety in construction.

  • Understanding: Health and safety legislation, regulations, and industry standards.
  • Proficiency: Identifying, assessing, and mitigating potential health and safety risks in the workplace, including construction related hazards.
  • Ability: Develop and implement emergency response plans, conduct safety drills, and coordinate responses to accidents, injuries, or other situations to minimise harm and ensure compliance.
Health & Safety Path
Health & Safety Advisor

Provide health and safety guidance to project teams.

  • Regulatory knowledge: Staying updated on health and safety regulations and ensuring compliance on-site.
  • Risk assessment: Identifying potential hazards and implementing measures to mitigate risks to workers.
  • Training and education: Conducting training sessions to educate workers on safety protocols.
  • Crisis management: Responding promptly to accidents or emergencies on-site and implementing measures to address them.

Leadership Programme

We know potential when we see it. We strive to develop our future leaders by giving them the necessary skills, capabilities, and confidence to lead our teams to success. Which is why we’ve developed a bespoke Leadership Programme in collaboration with the University of Waikato. Each programme will support our future leaders to gain a nationally recognised qualification which aligns with our core values.

We handpick future leaders from across all areas of Livingstone to join our leadership programme.

Emerging leadership

A 12-month foundation course, in collaboration with the University of Waikato, to develop leadership principles and techniques.

Participants will be exposed to a range of leadership skills, and these will be developed, applied, and refined at various stages throughout their time at Livingstone.

Refining Leadership

A 12-month programme, in collaboration with the University of Waikato, to build upon leadership principles and techniques in relation to higher decision making.

Participants will create an understanding of the collaborative actions taken at a senior management level. They will develop confidence in who they are as a leader and set clear goals that will improve their influence and accelerate their career.


A 12-month programme, in collaboration with the Institute of Directors, aimed at those looking to further develop their leadership in governance and stategic planning.

Participants will develop an understanding of the collaborative actions taken at a governance level. The programme provides an opportunity to participate on a board, developing skills to influence strategy and its implementation.

Training & Professional Development

We develop our team to ensure they can perform to the best of their abilities. We do this by continuous support and learning conversations. Using training apps InforMe and EdApp we can monitor performance in role competencies and offer bespoke training to our team.

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