Our people are our
health, safety, and wellbeing

Health and safety is embedded in our culture. We empower our people to want to do the right thing – and they do. Our people are our most valuable asset, so we strive to provide a safe and productive environment where they can thrive and deliver excellence.

We know health and safety doesn’t stop there for our team. Caring for their mental health and wellbeing is instrumental to a successful team. We offer wellness checks, Employee Assistance Programme, and services from Mates in Construction who do amazing work in mental wellbeing.

We work hard to upskill our team, so they feel confident to do their job safely. One of the great things about our people is how they move through the ranks and take that very real experience with them.

How we know we're
doing it right

We know that there is legislation and guidelines that we need to follow, and we do.

We do have external audits/prequalifications completed, including:

• Prequal NZ (cat 4)
• Site Safe - Site Wise 100%
• Safety, Health and Environmental Prequalification
• CM3 Prequalification
• Safety, Health and Environmental - Local Authority Prequalification

We do internal site checks and audits during the project, and we do them transparently. We send them to our clients and stakeholders to show you what we're doing well, what we can do better, and how we'll do it.

We can tell you that we have had no investigations, prosecutions, or notices from Worksafe. We work closely with WorkSafe, and we really value our relationship with them.

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We do what we say
we're going to do.

We have all the normal procedures and processes that most large construction companies have, but we keep it simple. We collaborate and talk with everyone involved in a project and make sure we use all information to plan, set up, and run the project in a way that keeps everyone safe. We make a Site Specific Safety Plan for each project so everyone knows exactly what's needed. All through the project, we stay in touch with everyone involved. We do things like toolbox talks, task analysis, incident reporting, and coordination meetings to make sure the plan we talked about is still working. If it needs to be changed, we change it.

We're involved in industry groups that mean we're always up to date with changes and new ideas coming through, and we're part of the conversation about where H&S is headed in Aotearoa. Some of these groups are:

• Waikato Construction Liaison Group
• NZISM Committee Member and Group Members
• Vertical construction Practitioners Group Members
• Site Safe

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How we're helping preserve the
environment for our future generations

We have the Toitū Diamond certification. Toitū certifications give you the confidence that we are caring for the life of this place, our people and our future. And we do! We know that the construction industry is the second-highest generator of waste going to landfill. Our goal was to divert 75% of waste from landfill, but now we've achieved that and are aiming even higher.

But wait, there's more...

We know we can't keep plodding along doing the same old. We have to keep pushing ourselves to improve, upskill, let our people be heard, better never stops. So, we've decided to work towards ISO45001 - an internationally recognised Health and Safety Management System.

What our people say

“I feel safe at work”

“I understand how to carry out my work in a safe and healthy manner”

“I feel confident when I leave for work in the morning, I will arrive home safely at the end of the day.”