Ebbett Audi and Ebbett Volkswagen

Location: Hamilton, WaikatoCompleted: November 2015

The Ebbett dealership is an excellent example of Livingstone Building NZ and continued contribution to the evolving Hamilton landscape.

Typical car dealerships put the focus on the cars, with yards circulating the showrooms. This design instead placed focus on the public realm, architecture and craftsmanship of the showrooms. The public space was crafted with customer experience in mind and the separate clearly defined brand identities, and connectivity created by Café Osten at the heart of the site.

Notable features within the development include Audi’s Parabolic Curve – a curved wall on two radiuses with a vertical flush axis.
The common centre point for the two dealerships was a 6.0m high glass window, centred around Audi’s 3.0m radius curved wall of anodised, folded and punch sheet glass over top of zinc waterproof cladding.

The dealership has been constructed from quality building materials; double-height showrooms with floor-to-ceiling glazing. Situated within neighbouring light commercial, community and inner-city residential dwellings, our project team overcame many challenges to work in this environment.


When all is said and done, we do what we say we are going to do - that is to create a project that exceeds your expectations at every turn.