David Livingstone


Director - Livingstone NZ Ltd

David Livingstone

David began his career in the construction industry in March 1977, as a labourer before completing a building apprenticeship with Cavanagh Bros. In 1981, David and his brother Mike purchased 50% of the construction company Cavanagh Brothers, the balance of shares being purchased in 1986. The Share market Crash of 1987 had a profound effect on the entire New Zealand Construction Industry, and it was through these extremely tough economic times, that the values and the essence of what made Livingstone Building successful and market resilient became clear. It was relationships based on building excellence that allowed repeat business through these tough times. This culture, enhanced and embraced by its people stand us in good stead to this day.

David is a strong and effective leader who has built and continues to successfully direct two multi-million dollar enterprises; Livingstone Group and Bluehaven Group.

Today, Livingstone Building continues to run successfully under the directorship of David and his brother Mike, along with managing director, Peter Clarke. The directors have established Livingstone as a reputable construction company that continues to live up to the company reputation; “Excellence in Construction”.