We do not believe in luck when involving the health and safety of our team in the workplace. Accident prevention is achieved through best practice guidelines, the application of sound processes, monitoring behavior, training, and communication and staff engagement. We believe the best way to encourage our organisation to make positive health and safety decisions is to engage them when creating initiatives and techniques.

This team-based approach to responsibility ensures our entire staff is actively involved in all aspects of our work. Combine this with a NZISM accredited full-time Health and Safety Manager, Health and Safety Coordinator and Health and Safety Administrator; approved codes of practice and adherence to all applicable legislation and industry guidelines, Livingstone Building NZ created a safe and healthy workplace for all involved in your build.

Accreditation & Policy

We have codified the health and safety culture into comprehensive health and safety policies and practices. This has helped us develop strong relationships with both the ACC and Worksafe NZ. We believe this success is attributed to our team’s involvement in health and safety and their participation in ensuring that workplace safety is at the forefront of all that we do. We are an active Member of Site Safe New Zealand, hold the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Certificate and are a Licenced Building Practitioner.


At Livingstone, we are proud to be in an industry where we are able to contribute to the growth and development of New Zealand and we also recognise the need to protect our environment. When we build projects we look carefully at the surrounding environment and look for ways in which we can ensure that it will be preserved. As proof of this commitment, we currently hold Green Star New Zealand Accreditation and EnviroMark Platinum Certification. We are also dedicated to continuing our close working relationship with local environmental agencies and groups to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the surrounding area.

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